Project Description

We embarked on a unique project for CandleGG with the objective of building a website that serves as a vibrant community for creators and creatives. The endeavor focused on the development of web applications to address the challenge of content creators and experts relying on Twitter for connections, fostering a dedicated space for collaboration and opportunity exploration.


The challenge revolved around the prevalent use of Twitter for creator connections, leading to a fragmented experience and missed opportunities on freelance search engines or niche platforms. CandleGG aimed to solve this problem by providing a centralized community for creators and creatives.


  • Community-Centric Website
  • Web Applications Development
  • Problem Resolution
  • Collaboration Facilitation


Developed CandleGG into a thriving community platform, providing a dedicated space for content creators and expert creatives to connect, collaborate, and explore new opportunities. The website's web applications not only addressed the challenges faced on other platforms but also facilitated a seamless and engaging user experience. CandleGG emerged as a solution to the problem of fragmented connections on Twitter, offering a centralized hub for creators to build meaningful collaborations and produce outstanding work together.


  • client : CandleGG
  • category : UI/UX Design , Web Development
  • duration : 2 Months
  • Website :
  • Tags : SEO, Web Development