Project Description

We successfully expanded Everyrealm's Twitter following to over 31K, achieving this milestone through strategic website development and partnership marketing efforts. The primary focus was on elevating Everyrealm's brand presence on Twitter through targeted social media and influencer marketing initiatives.


Growing Everyrealm's Twitter following posed the challenge of standing out in a crowded digital landscape and connecting with a relevant and engaged audience. The objective was not only to increase the follower count but to ensure that these followers were genuinely interested and active.


  • Identified Relevant Influencers
  • Developed Partnership Strategy
  • Engaging Content Creation
  • Results Tracking
  • Refined Approach
  • Cross-Promotion with Similar Brands


Through our targeted efforts, Everyrealm not only witnessed a substantial growth in its Twitter following but also achieved a heightened level of engagement among the acquired followers. The refined approach based on data analysis allowed us to continuously enhance the strategy, sustaining the upward trajectory of Everyrealm's Twitter presence. The cross-promotion efforts with like-minded brands further amplified the impact, creating a synergistic effect and solidifying Everyrealm's position in the digital realm.


  • client : EVERYREALM
  • category : Marketing Strategy
  • duration : 3 Months
  • Website : https://everyrealm.com/about
  • Tags : Web Development, Marketing Strategy