Project Description

We spearheaded a comprehensive project for Waves Coffee, blending web development and a strategic marketing approach to establish and enhance their rewards program. The endeavor involved in-depth competitor analysis, goal definition, target audience identification, and meticulous planning to achieve increased loyalty, sales, and customer base.


Waves Coffee faced the challenge of creating a rewards program that not only stood out but also resonated with its diverse customer base. Identifying the right reward structure, effectively promoting the program, and ensuring sustained engagement were key challenges.


  • Goal Definition
  • Target Audience Identification
  • Reward Structure Planning
  • CRM Implementation
  • Strategic Launch & Promotion
  • Continuous Monitoring & Adjustment


The collaborative effort resulted in the successful establishment and optimization of Waves Coffee's rewards program. Through meticulous planning, strategic implementation, and continuous monitoring, the program not only achieved its set goals of increasing loyalty, sales, and customer base but also fostered sustained engagement. The ability to adapt and adjust the program based on real-time insights ensured its relevance and effectiveness in a dynamic market.


  • client : Waves Coffee House
  • category : Marketing Strategy
  • duration : 6 Months
  • Tags : Marketing Strategy